Known for its intense realness, raw honesty and rough edges, Chicago, IL has given birth to some of the greatest legends in rap and Hip Hop. Both a mecca of creativity and a concrete jungle the city serves as a gateway to the Midwest; a lyrical battlefield where rappers fight to the top and only the strong survive. Bursting with passionate bars, expressive vigor, and a street fury to match, King Nitty emerges as a master of his fate, ready and willing to change the face of the industry.

Growing up on the southside of Chicago, King Nitty was raised to love music. After years of watching his sister practice, his mother bought him a keyboard when he was six years old; providing the future lyricist, even more, a reason to follow his dad around, who was a local DJ. King Nitty’s Father instilled in him - an appreciation for beautiful sounds - as he spun old school records like Earth, Wind & Fire and Heatwave throughout their home. Nitty’s fondness for melodies and rhythms evolved into a fascination with music that would carry throughout his career.

The course of King Nitty's life would change when he and his family relocated to one of Chicago's most notorious housing projects Cabrini Green following his mother’s release from incarceration. At the age of fifteen, music became his therapy after the tragic death of his father from drug abuse, a striking blow that would change his life. The young Rhymesmith turned to his pen and pad, letting music become his passion and his therapy. Writing dulled the pain and gave him a peace of mind that allowed him to escape and fine tune his lyrical style as he embraced the traditional, music values his father had taught him while creating a signature flow of his own. An impressionable flow - at the age of seventeen - that landed opportunities to work with such artists as Rick Ross, Kris Kross, Too Short, MC Breed, Syleena Johnson, Johnny P, Akon, and Shawnna. The young Nitty had something to prove to himself and accomplished that by opening up for such artists as T.I. , Young Buck, and Slim Thug.

A few years later, after developing his style, and learning the business, King Nitty started Mill Pond Enterprise - an Atlanta independent record label - geared toward creating, producing, filming marketing and distributing his content to the masses. It was there that he released his EP, "Whatever It Takes," flooding the Chicago streets with over 10,000 units. Continuing with well over 300K downloads and streams on various music platforms. The EP solidified King Nitty as a Chicago staple. His sound is influenced by 2Pac, Twista, Scarface, Crucial Conflict and Do or Die. His loyal fan base could both relate and understand his aggressive delivery; laying the foundation for a stream of successful content releases including No Surrender, No Retreat, Never Falling Off, Hustle Now Rap Later 1 and Hustle Now Rap Later 2.

Through a methodical release of consumer-driven content to his target demographic, while increasing exposure to prospective listeners both in Chicago and beyond, the strategy of the King Nitty brand is to familiarize audience member with the name King Nitty while setting the standard for classic, Midwest lyricism in the 21st century.

Moving forward - yet never forgetting his past, King Nitty’s testimony bleeds through his music. His ability to transcend tragedy triumphantly encompasses the true meaning of Hip Hop….